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Project Description
RecordLogon.vbs is a script applied at logon via Group or Local policy. It records specific user and computer information and writes the data to a central repository for retrieval. The tool comes in two parts; the .VBS and the HTA search app.

The entire idea behind this project came about when I took part in a complete desktop refresh project at my place of employment. We had several different naming conventions for computers at the time and we were introducing an entire fleet of new PCs with a new naming convention. It was already very difficult to assist end users because it took a fair amount of time on the phone just to find out the name of the computer that the user was logged into. The Service Desk and I needed a simple tool to let us know what PC name the user was logged into or what computer they were using. The tool needed to be easy to implement, easy to manage, and easy to use while not impacting PC performance or impacting the business in a negative way. What better way than to develop a domain logon script!

This script is completely custom and it is very easy to implement for your own environment. This tool can run in both domain environments via logon script, or only on the local PC using the Local Policy Editor.

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